We count on

our own paediatric team

Psycho-pedagogic and paediatric team

We want to offer you as much confidence as possible

Our team of psychologists oversee the maturation development of children and their adjustment to school, and provide a work guidance to families regarding the choice of the most appropriate school for their children. It conducts a systematic and continuous monitoring of the child’s evolution, assessing the different levels of individual maturation and the gradual acquisition of habits. They also provide guidance on treatments of disorders when they appear in the student’s development.

All of our schools have pediatric medical services that periodically inspect the health and welfare of our students. In addition, all of our cooks prepare menus that are designed and supervised by a nutrition professor, to ensure that your children always have a balanced diet of the highest quality.

We have a collaboration agreement with hospitals very close to our schools (San Rafael Hospital for the El Viso Schools, and NISA Pardo de Aravaca Hospital for the Moncloa – Aravaca schools) to ensure that we can transport your child to a hospital as quickly as possible, should the need arise. In addition, we have signed an agreement with a major insurance and accident insurance company, covering the liability of all students in our centers.

In addition to the above, we complement our medical services with an on-line pediatric service in our centres that allows us to be connected immediately to Pediatric Urgency Services of NISA Pardo de Aravaca Hospital. With this system, your children can be assisted at the same moment either by Alaria Nursery Schools professionals or by Hospital professionals.