Continuity in the best private schools of Madrid

We want your children to have the best education possible

Due to our deep experience in education sector since 1974, we are proud to offer to our families the possibility to continue schooling since Primary Education in the best private schools of Madrid.

La Salle Maravillas, Estudio, Base, Retamar… We offer to our families guaranteed continuity since Primary education in the best private schools possible in Madrid, covering a wide range of options (catholic or secular, British or Spanish curriculum…)

Despite all the centres we offer are fur sure magnificent, perhaps you will realize that some of them fit better not only in your preferences but in your child´s personality. As we know really well both parts, we will be able to assess you about the perfect fit for your child.

We will help you to choose the best centre possible for your child since the first moment in which you start in Alaria, all along your decision process: i) in the preliminary selection of the best options, ii) arranging visits to the different alternatives, iii) when formalizing your place…