Services to our families

We want to be by your side in any aspect concerning your children´s education

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We are aware that families need to have as much flexibility as possible with regards to opening hours. Therefore we open all our Schools at 7:30 in the morning …

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Homemade cooking

We believe that adequate food is essential at this stage of the child’s life, as it helps to the physical and intellectual development of the child. For this reason  …

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escuela infantil madrid


Thanks to our experience in the sector since 1974, Alaria Nursery Schools can offer guaranteed continuity in most private schools in Madrid. Some of these Schools …

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escuelas infantiles madrid

Parents School

Being aware of the difficulty of parenting today, we launched many years ago our Parents School with the aim of continuously providing advice to families on all those recurring …

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We provide our parents with all the possible aids in terms of discounts and payment methods: We offer a discount on all monthly fees, depending on the number …

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Medical staff

Our team of psychologists oversee the maturation development of children and their adjustment to school, and provide a work guidance to families …

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Intranet & app

We really want to maximise as much as possible the dialogue with our families. For that, we complement daily meetings with our pedagogic coordinators with any technological  …

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escuelas infantiles pozuelo

Summer Camp

Alaria Nursery Schools hold a Summer Camp for students and pupils between 0 and 8 years in July and August. Using the same bilingual methodology of the rest  …

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School bus

We believe it is very important to offer the best facilities available: For this reason, we provide the parents of our students with a free school route service that allows …

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