We live the theatre

all along the year!


Theatre all year round!

Theatre, games, costumes, stories, songs, dance, drama … are some of your child’s day to day activities in our schools. These are intended for developing creativity in all fields, enabling them to discover their own capabilities, stimulating their motivation to overcome learning difficulties and enhancing comprehensive resources, both oral and written.

At the end of each teaching unit, and by linking content they have prepared throughout those months, your children will surprise you with a theatre performance that they rehearsed thoroughly for weeks.

Through the preparation of this event, lots of objectives will be achieved: they´ll improve their sequencing abilities, they will foster respect and teamwork, they will strength self-esteem, etc.

Did you know … ?

Theatre stimulates your children in many different ways

  • …  The Christmas function is performed at the Colegio Maravillas theatre that seats 1,000 people. This implies that even the youngest students learn to perform a play in front of a big audience …And they always do it amazingly well!
  • … The theater plays are always performed mixing English, Spanish and Chinese in various acts and songs, so that children rehearse interchangeably in all languages, assimilating them in the most natural way  possible.
  • Children live dramatization daily, in many different ways: appart from rehearsals for Christmas and June performances, we also use role-play activities, puppets, and so on… We really enjoy it!

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