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Swimming does not only forge personality, but puts it to test

“Swimming doesn’t affect someone’s character, it tests it”.

Water activities are among the most comprehensive sports that your child can do:

  • On one hand, swimming stimulates a number of behavior patterns, things as important as breathing, circulation or motor coordination.
  • On the other hand, by swimming, the child acquires self-security, self-confidence and self-control.
  • Additionally, it also has many advantages in terms of social development and interaction with peers.

All children in our schools have the ability to practice this sport every week in pools very close
to our schools
. The children travel to these pools constantly accompanied by our teachers.

Did you know … ?

Swimming may be one of the most beneficial sports to be practised

  • …  Swimming has many benefits for the children. Among others, it improves the cardiovascular condition of the child, coordination, balance and knowledge of space, increases the capability of the respiratory system …
  • … We carry out swimming activities in some of Madrid’s best pools, which are located very close to our centers. All have excellent facilities and supervisors, and they are also accompanied at all times by several of our teachers.
  • …Our pools are less than 8 minutes by bus from our nursery schools. During the activity, not only the teachers from the swimming pool but our own staff are permanently accompanying your children.

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