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road safety education

Road safety education

Road safety education also allow children to respect each other

Learning the basic road safety rules from an early age is critical to learn the behaviour patterns of both the driver and the pedestrian. In addition, it is also a very positive environment for your children to learn to respect their peers, the importance of discipline, etc.

In our schools, children enjoy magnificent road safety circuits, as well as road signs and vehicles specially adapted, where they enjoy themselves while learning.

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Why road safety education can be so beneficial for children?

  • …  Both in our Madrid and Aravaca nursery schools we have fantastic road safety circuits with all kinds of features and age-appropriate vehicles that allow your children to absorb the basic principles of road safety education in the most entertaining way possible… Since they are 1 year old!
  • … Road safety education is extremely important, as children not only absorb road safety content, but learn values like patience and respect for others: for example, when understanding that they must give way to oncoming traffic, children are also learning respect, patience…
  • … Road safety circuit is also a perfect scenario for working gross psychomotricy: During road safety activities, children from 1 year old onwards may enjoy the vehicles, sign posts… as they also stimulate their motor system and coordination in the most funny way.

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Enjoy our road safety circuits!