Children ought to be

comprehensively stimulated

Psychomotor stimulation practice

We stimulate children from every possible perspective

Educational psychomotor practice is a methodology that accompanies all child game activities. It is conceived as a way to help children to mature, allowing the child to feel secure when dealing with conflict.

In Alaria Nursery Schools we truly believe that children will practice psychomotor skills in the best facilities possible, and so we offer specific classrooms and open spaces adapted to psychomotor activities for all ages.

Did you know … ?

Stimulation is crucial for children´s growth

  • …  A correct psychomotor stimulation process in children 0 to 3 is very beneficial, not only at a motor level, but also at a cognitive level (stimulated perception of the qualities of objects, …) and even at a socio-emotional level.
  • … Our team promotes development of both fine and rough motor skills, always surprising the children to keep them stimulated: for example, the most entertaining way to work on children’s fine motor skills is through murals and finger painting!
  • … In our nursery schools in Madrid and Aravaca / Pozuelo we offer the best possible facilities and tools for working rough and fine psychomotor skills. As an example, it´s really fun to use pencils from the whiteboards in order to stimulate strain in fingers!

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