Heuristic play is crucial

in our project

Play as a tool for achieving happiness in your child

Our entire programme twirls around heuristic play

Play is present in all school activities. Heuristic play promotes individual learning that enables children to discover new things based on what they already know, and creating new cognitive structures that will help solve future situations.

We use play to educate children of all ages and for all purposes: from English assimilation for 1 and 2 year old children through the Total Physical Response methodology (based upon the way children learn their mother tongue: the parents makes an instructional gesture and the child repeats – “Simon says: clap your hands!” -) to the child’s identification and externalization of feelings. The use of play is the only way for your child to enjoy while learning in a natural way.

Our ultimate goal is that your child grows up happy, and we truly consider that play is the perfect tool for achieving this goal.

Did you know … ?

Some hints about the importance of happiness in our project

  • …  Game is the centerpiece of our project approach. Multiple studies highlight the need to create a happy environment for the child so that he can reach his full potential
  • … “Simon says…” may be a perfect example of the T.P.R. methodology, which allows children to assimilate English language in the most natural way.
  • … In our Parents School we always remind our families not to promote consumerism as a way to achieve happiness in your child, but to offer him dedication and tenderness.

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