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Musical stimulation

Your children will learn to love Music with us

We truly believe that exposure to music improves listening skills, and therefore promotes more fruitful relationships. Music is a perfect tool to acquire a predisposition to listening in general.

One of the best ways to reach the child has always been the use of rhythm through music. For this reason, in our centers we have a wide variety of musical instruments and ways to stimulate the child’s ear for music.

Did you know … ?

Music is one of the most important pillars of our programme

  • …  Our children start discovering music theory when they are just one year old. Through the method developed by our music teacher, the children start to assimilate the different notes, the scale…
  • … At our centers we have all kinds of musical instruments. From real pianos, harps and violins to all kinds of percussion, wind, and string instruments… Even better than a real orchestra!
  • … Musical stimulation is a cross curricular subject in our programme. As an example: in the Christmas Theatre Performance, learning numbers, evoking emotions…

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Discover how we stimulate the love for the Music in our children