We encourage

respect for the enviroment

Gardening and respect for the environment

We want our children to respect the environment

The work that the children develop in the garden is a part of our aim to teach them to respect and care for the environment. Every day we work with our children about the importance of respecting Mother Nature. In this context, we truly believe that, if your children learns to respect their environment, they will also learn to respect their mates.

Gardening allows us to reinforce some other pedagogical values in your child. Taking care of their plants and gardens daily allows them to appreciate the importance of effort and sacrifice: this leads them to see how they grow up little by little…

This daily work is carried out in a transversal approach in all of our programme: as an example, when your children work at the road safety circuit, they are not only learning about road safety rules but to respect each other, to be patient until his mate crosses the road, and so on.

Additionally, in Spring we love to visit the Botanical Gardens, where the children not only enjoy its magnificient context but also are able to identify species that have been learning about during the year.

Did you know … ?

Respecting our environment is very important in our Nursery Schools!

  • … We at our centers have a wide variety of plants and trees. For instance, in Arcadia Nuevos Ministerios (one of our nursery schools in Madrid, near to Paseo de la Castellana) we even have trees over 100 years old!
  • … Children only become aware of the importance of respecting their environment if they have the same example at home. Due to that, this issue is a very important part of our Parents School, in which we help our families to foster respect for the environment in their children.
  • … From one year old onwards, children start taking responsibility for the care of the garden plants. Therefore, at a very early age they start being aware of the importance of values like patience, perseverance, daily work …

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