Dance offers

permanent stimuli to the children

Ballet and dance

Dance is a permanent encouragement for children

Personality can be constructed through dance.  It is a way of interpreting emotions that translates into social expressive movements. Dancing mainly establishes an active link between children and nature.

Thanks to the teachers of the School of Dance Africa Guzman, dance becomes, for our students, a poem in which each movement is a word.

Did you know … ?

Some hints about how we stimulate our children with ballet

  • … África Guzman is one of our country’s foremost exponents of dance. Both her and her “Ballet Joven de África Guzmán” have danced in main theaters all around Europe.
  • … Ballet has many benefits in children: improves fine motor skills in children, helps express emotions, conveys to the student the values of constancy and perseverance…
  • … Every year our students from 2 years old onwards offer our families a magnificent Dance Festival. Facing almost 1ooo audience members, children learn to confront their fears.

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