We introduce to the children

the love for Art

Art and Museum visits

We help children to love Art from the craddle

Introducing children into the world of art is a very important part of our education project. People are only able to appreciate Art if they start appreciating and loving it from an early age. From toddler age, children will often visit the Prado Museum, Reina Sofia Museum, etc.

This will enable them to discover both the life and the work of master painters . To ensure that these visits will be really meaningful to the children, they will engage in classroom games to learn about the paintings that they will see during the visits. In this way, they will really learn to appreciate world-famous artists such as Goya, Miró or Picasso in the most natural way.

Did you know… ?

Some hints about how do we work Art at Alaria

  • … As early as age two, children work on all kinds of artistic genres, from the modernism of Picasso and Miró to our great painters of the seventeenth and eighteenth century like Goya and Velázquez
  • … Through stories and games, a process ofdiscovery of the painter’s life and best known works, and always working transversely on feelings and emotions
  • … We use multiples stimuli to foster love for the Art in children! Have you ever though how funny can it be to discover elements from Goya´s painting in our own gardens? And what about creating by ourselves our own Miro´s masterpiece…?

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