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Stimulating your offspring from multiple perspectives

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Art and Museums

Introducing the child into the world of art is a very important part of our education project. People are only able to appreciate art if they start appreciating and loving it …

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Ballet & dance

Personality can be constructed through dance. It is a way of interpreting emotions that translates into social expressive movements. Dancing mainly establishes an active link …

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One of our main concerns at an institutional level is to offer our students a lively, stimulating educational project, and allow them to grow both personally and intellectually …

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The work that the children are involved in in the garden is a part of our aim to teach them to respect and care for the environment. Several course activities will allow them to …

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The celebration of festivals and special events is a very significant part of our education project. It ensures that children can have fun and learn, whilst developing a wide …

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Musical stimulation

We trully believe that exposure to music improves listening skills, and therefore it promotes more fruitful relationships. Music is a perfect tool to acquire a …

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Heuristic play

Play is present in all school activities. Heuristic play promotes individual learning that enables children to discover new things, based on what …

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“Swimming doesn’t affect someone’s character, it tests it”. Water activities are among the most comprehensive sports that your children can do: On one hand, swimming stimulates …

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Educational psychomotor practice is a methodology that accompanies all child game activities. It is conceived as way to help the children to mature, allowing the child …

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We are pioneers introducing Robotics in our curricular programme from 2 years old onwards. Despite it is still not common to use it in infant education, Robotics offers countless advantages for your children …

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Road safety education

Learning the basic road safety rules from an early age is critical to learn the behaviour patterns of both the driver and the pedestrian. In addition, it is also a very positive …

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Theatre, games, costumes, stories, songs, dance, drama … are some of your child’s day to day activities in our schools. These are intended for developing creativity in all …

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