Educating in Emotions

since 1974

Who we are

Educating in emotions and values since 1974

Alaria Nursery Schools has a long history: We opened our first school in Madrid to educate children aged 0 to 6 years in 1974.

We have evolved over time to adapt to social demands and changes, and we have been pioneering in the introduction of new teaching methods and techniques to encourage the holistic development of our pupils. To help us to achieve this, not only do we have modern facilities, but we also have the necessary teaching resources and, most importantly, an extraordinary team of professionals with a wonderful human touch who, besides their excellent preparation as teachers, have extensive experience and a strong vocation to work with children. This means that the children immediately feel at ease and our staff are able to give them the care they need to feel loved, protected and looked after. This allows them to fully develop each of the essential factors for their socialising skills, education and emotional development.

Our goal is to make the children feel happy and confident, so we have created a caring environment in which they can develop in every respect. We also want parents to feel at ease leaving their children at our Schools and to see our Nurseries as an extension of their own homes.

On this long journey, we have discovered that the best way for children to develop and become autonomous is to let them go at their own pace, putting special emphasis on care tailored to each individual and continuously stimulating them to adopt attitudes through play, to develop their personalities in a harmonious environment.

Our team

Our staff is the cornerstone of all our project

Our team is the key to the success of our nursery schools. The people who make Alaria Nursery Schools possible everyday are not only fully qualified and coordinated professionals, but they also form a compact and active team with strong values in which every member feels secure.

They are all commited to their work and uphold quality as the basic philosophy of their task. Through their efforts and with an open and flexible approach, they turn this challenge into a daily success: they are not simply carers, they are educators in every sense of the word. They carry out their tasks without rushing, without competition, aware that affection, effort, responsability and respect are the keys to shaping the lives of their pupils.

Our team includes experts in infant education, educational psychology, child psychology,paediatrics, nutrition, English and Chinese language, coordination skills, music, and arts & crafts.

Relationship with families

Proud to help to more than 15.000 families with their offspring´s education

There are two fundamental pillars involved in the development of children: family and school. The child enters the family where parents and siblings shape him as a social being, helping him to develop his personality.

The family and the school cannot act in isolation when it comes to education: in Alaria we understand both realities as real groups of learning that have to be in close communication and cooperation to achieve the common goal of both, which is the autonomous growth and development of their children.

We strive every day to help families with whom we share the education of the child to feel part of the school and live as their own, accepting, sharing and supporting our working model, our rules and our values. To do this, we will have a continuing communication, diary, in which both sides, parents and school, talk daily about how your child is developing.

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